– three African dream destinations among the least traveled countries in the world

Frankfurt, 06. November 2023. São Tomé & Príncipe, the Comoros and Guinea-Bissau are among the top ten least visited countries in the world and offer accessible beach and nature holidays in all seclusion.

Eighth, ninth and tenth places in the world ranking of the least visited countries of the World Population Review all go to African destinations. In the front places are mainly hard-to-reach islands in the Pacific. „Many of the untouched destinations in Africa can already be reached from Europe by plane in about eight hours,“ explains Hanna Kleber from the Voice4Africa initiative, whose tour operator partners have had some of the charming island and coastal paradises in their program for a long time.

São Tomé & Príncipe

According to figures from the UNWTO, the peaceful island state with two islands in the Gulf of Guinea now receives around 35,000 visitors per year.* It is the second smallest country in Africa after the Seychelles and, despite its lush natural beauty, is still little visited by tour operators and individual tourists. The islands were discovered as uninhabited by the Portuguese in the 1470s, today almost 200,000 people live here. The idyllic Príncipe, home to only 7,000 people, is probably the most attractive of the two islands with its dreamlike beaches, the needle-shaped volcano Pico Cao Grande and the densely forested inland. Thanks to its rich biodiversity, the island is a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve. São Tomé also attracts with beautiful sandy beaches and dense jungle as well as historical buildings from the colonial era.

*Insent figures of the UNWTO from 2019. Similar figures are expected for 2023.

The Comoros

According to the UNWTO, the Comoros archipelago, which is located in the Indian Ocean between the coast of Mozambique and the northernmost tip of Madagascar, had only 45,000 visitors in 2019. The archipelago consists of three main volcanic islands – Grande Comore, Mohéli and Anjouan and is an inspiring place with a fascinating mixture of Arab and Swahili culture. The waters in front of the islands are a paradise for divers. In the Indian Ocean, visitors can explore the still little explored coral reefs while snorkeling, wander through untouched rainforests inside the island and cross active volcanoes. Mohéli is the smallest island, but also one of the most beautiful. It houses the only national park in the country. The species-rich wildlife is also one of the main attractions of the Comoros with the monk maki, giant tortoises and the Livingstone bats, the largest in the world.


Guinea-Bissau The small West African coastal state lies between Senegal and Guinea is an insider tip among the African holiday destinations. It is often combined by tour operators as a tour destination with its neighboring countries. The coast and especially the 88 deserted islands of the offshore Bijagos archipelago attract with deserted beaches, turquoise blue sea and a lush underwater world. Here is also the OrangoIslands National Park, which extends across the sea to the coastal savannah, mangroves and palm forests. In addition to sea turtles, hippos can also be observed in the area. If you are looking for a little hustle and bustle despite all seclusion, you can experience the carnival in the capital Bissau in February, a cultural spectacle of a special kind with elaborate costumes and colorful parades.


About Voice4Africa

VOICE4AFRICA is an initiative of the KLEBER GROUP, a full-service PR agency with a special focus on tourism and many years of expertise in Africa. Together with African tour operators, the initiative promotes responsible tourism to Africa as a means of international understanding and a driver for sustainable development. Voice4Africa is the winner of the Corps Touristique Award for International Understanding 2023.

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Photo: Inselidylle auf Príncipe (c) Sundy Praia Resort / DIAMIR

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