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Top 5 Experiences

Nestled in the Mozambique Channel’s warmth, the Comoros beckon with its volcanic charm.

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Island Explorer

Home to four larger islands and many little islets, each with unique landscapes and untouched beaches, Comoros is the perfect island escape.

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Mount Karthala Expedition

An active volcano and the highest point in the Comoros at more than 2,300m above sea level, an expedition along this point allows panoramic views of Grande Comore.

Moheli Turtle

Moheli Marine National Park

The UNESCO-listed park, covering an area larger than 600 km2, invites visitors with a collection of secluded beaches and bays where turtles come to lay their eggs. If lucky, dugongs and humpback whales can be sighted as well.



As the capital of the Comoros, it is the gateway for any exploration of the country. A stop here is a must, with sights like the colorful Volo Volo market or the Mosque of Moroni.

N'Gouja Beach, in the south of the island of Mayotte (Hotel Le Jardin Maoré)


Beaches like Bouni or Chomoni create postcard-perfect scenes amidst the heart of the Indian Ocean.


The infrastructure varies with each island: amenities on Anjouan are basic, and most visitors prefer staying in Mutsamudu. Mohéli has limited tourist facilities yet provides a distinctive and unique experience. Grande Comore (Ngadijza) has the most developed infrastructure and offers a range of hotels near Moroni for different budgets.


Given that the Comoros Islands experience high temperatures and humidity from December to April, the optimal period for a visit is during the cooler and drier season, which typically spans from June to October. During this time, the likelihood of rainfall is generally lower, and the temperatures are sufficiently mild, providing a comfortable environment for extended outdoor exploration amidst the islands‘ natural beauty.

Visa and entry

Information on entry requirements and visas can be obtained from the Embassy of the Comoros.

Please always observe the visa regulations and the latest information from the Federal Foreign Office / Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs / Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.




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